McBeth Dental

  • Dental Office Addition
  • Design/Build Contract
  • 2,200 sq. ft.
  • 3 month completion

The project included the construction of a 2,200 sq. ft. addition to an existing multi-unit professional condominium. The project was estimated using schematic drawings only with construction beginning prior to final architectural drawings being complete. This required thorough communication between the owner, interior designer, dental equipment supplier, and North Branch Construction to ensure that the final product was exactly what was envisioned and that all budgets were met.

The addition was completed on schedule despite severe weather conditions and a host of material shipment delays. Also, North Branch Construction was hired prior to an architect being on board. Subsequently, structural and architectural drawings, as well as the building permit process posed a significant hurdle to get over. To the credit of Sumner/Davis Architects and the delight of the owner, this was achieved in less than two weeks!

The project was completed on budget and the owner elected to use contingency funds to add various amenities not in the original scope of work.

The certificate of occupancy was delivered on time. This was of particular importance as the owner had suspended operations in his existing office due to his confidence in North Branch Construction’s assurance of final completion and the fact that a full patient load was scheduled for the very same day.