UNH 2007 Philbrook Dining Hall

  • College Dining Hall Renovation
  • 31,000 sq. ft.
  • Completed approximately $85,000 below the GMP
  • Fast-Track 13 Week Completion

In November 2004, North Branch was chosen as Construction Manager from a group of 4 contractors (15 original applicants) that were interviewed for this hyper-track summer dining hall renovation project. North Branch completed a similar dining hall renovation at this UNH campus in 2000. Once the scope of work was defined and final plans drawn, North Branch began requesting bids from our extensive list of pre-qualified subcontractors and provided the University with the Guaranteed Maximum Price in early March 2005.

From March to May North Branch began the submittal process and pre-purchasing in anticipation of the hyper-track construction which began in May. As Dining Services began to move out of the building, North Branch was staging the security fencing surrounding the existing dining hall and demolition began. Renovations of the 2-story, 31,000 square foot facility included upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems and installation of a new sprinkler system. The project also included the major modification of the floor plan (removal of several interior walls) creating a more open area and providing a more efficient food service delivery system. Construction included two new entry ways with brick veneer, storefronts and entry mat systems. Finishes include all new ceramic tile throughout the main level, carpet, acoustical ceiling tiles, wood ceilings, maple wall paneling, casework and food service equipment.

In early July, all rough-ins were complete and finish work was underway. The project continued on the hyper-track schedule throughout July and was completed in early August several days ahead of the 13 week schedule and approximately $85,000 below the Guaranteed Maximum Price. CMK Architects provided the design for the project.