Shaws Supermarket Keene

  • 15,000 square foot addition
  • 43,000 square foot renovation
  • Occupied throughout construction

North Branch Construction was chosen general contractor for the addition and renovations to the Shaw’s Supermarket in Keene, NH as low bidder on the sitework, demolition and steel. The remainder of the contract was negotiated after the final plans were completed. Construction included the demolition of a 7,475 square foot building (former Brooks Pharmacy) to make way for the 15,000 square foot, steel framed addition. Renovations to the existing supermarket included new entrance, new produce department, new administration and support space, expanded checkout area, reconfiguration of sales floor, complete renovation of existing store.

Demolition began in early September at this busy mall location. The building being demolished (to make way for the addition) was sandwiched between Shaw’s and another retail store. Despite delays caused by building permit issues, by early December the demolition was complete and foundation in. Steel erection, which began in the front of the building continued working towards the rear and was completed in mid December. As the steel erection progressed, masonry was being completed on the front entrance of the building and mechanical and electrical work in the new addition had also begun. While the addition was under construction, renovations to the existing store were also being completed. New lighting fixtures (700 in all) were replaced and the refrigeration feeds were redirected towards the addition. Because the busy supermarket remained open during the construction, the renovations to the existing store were being completed during the evening hours. As one new area is completed, ie. pharmacy, floral, they move into the new section and renovations begin in the vacated area in preparation for the next department move. The project was completed in early June with Shaw’s celebrating with a grand opening in mid June 2003.